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Download the world's first scent-based mobile messaging app, oSnap. Use oSnap to make terrific sensory oNotes and share with your friends!


oNote Teasers from Café ArtScience!

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(c) Phase One Photography

(c) Phase One Photography

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Until you receive your own oPhone, you can download the aromatic experience of your oNotes at our oPhone HotSpot in the new Café ArtScience later this fall with the start of our oPhone Beta Launch. Learn more about Café ArtScience here.


are texts, images, and sounds accompanied by magical aromas. Today you can make them with our scent-tagging application, oSnap. For now, oSnap highlights foodie adventures. Eventually, our aroma vocabularies will broaden, and by the end of our year-long launch, via our oNotes app and website,  you will have lots of creative options. oNotes, the site and app, will be the home of oMedia, like oBooks, oFilms, and oSongs, and, also, of your personal oNotes library, a platform from which you will be able to associate aromatic messages with almost any electronic communication, simply, happily, and emotively.

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About us: We are a team of creators working to bring olfactory wonder to mobile messaging. Our technology is the brainchild of inventor and Harvard professor David Edwards, and led by his former student and co-inventor Rachel Field, with the talented designers Baptiste Viala and Laurent Milon, our sensitive nose, Marlene Staiger, our production leader Manuella Passard, our business partner Antoine Mahy, and our digital director Sonia Kofman. Our company is Vapor Communications.