CYRANO. Our Scent Digital Speaker.

Cyrano is the heart of a new connected experience. A scent speaker? Yup, exactly. It is an elegant, technologically whizzy little device that plays scent medleys, or olfactory notes, like a sound speaker delivers music. After all, aren't music and scent both expressed in notes? But instead of genres like hip hop, jazz, and classical, we're creating scent families--we call them CyranoNotes--that are endless in their expressive possibilities, and in their ability to move us. 



We've all experienced the inexpressible emotion that comes from smelling fresh cut grass. Or ocean freshness. Or the kitchen of a loved relative. The scent nerve goes directly to the brain and triggers these feelings. Now, for the first time, you can create -- and precisely control -- a personal scent space and moment. With Cyrano, our CyranoNote cartridges, and our app.

Different Scents, Different Times, Different Needs

Scent is now a safe and beautifully effective partner in your quest for wellness, productivity, and inspiration. Cyrano empowers you without the particles and solvents that can makes candles and perfumes allergenic. Nothing to make you sneeze or wheeze here. Only delightful on-demand scent. Move your Cyrano from your workspace, to your living room or bedroom, to lift your experience everywhere in the house.

Feel the flow of energy with our Cancun Stroll, as guava, peppermint and citrus reach you individually and together.

Feel the stress flow out of you, with Central Park's mix of night air, grass, and magnolia.

Feel brilliant with Einstein's peppermint, lemon, and ginger. (Will have no effect on your hair, however.)

Explore our current three scent families, with our scent library doubling in 2017.