Thank you for joining in the oRevolution! With your oNotes devices, you'll be able to control scent like how you currently control your lights. 

For helpful info about your device, check out the FAQs and info guide below. And enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does the Cyrano device have a battery?

Yes, it runs on a lithium rechargable battery, similar to what you have in your phone. It can run for 24-hrs of constant play on a single charge; for most users, this will average to about a week of usage between charges.

+ How long does a cartridge last?

This depends on use, but about 100 hours in total. For casual daily use, this is about six weeks of usage.

+ What is the device's size?

It is a cylinder, which is 3-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter.

+ How much does it weigh?

About 8 ounces.

+ Can i control the amount of scent released?

Yes, within the oNotes app, you can control intensity using a 'scent volume' slider. Essentially, this determines how much scented material is put into the air, per minute of play.

+ Is there a warrenty or return policy?

Our policy is simple! If you don't like it, return it within 30 days for a full refund.


The Cyrano+App is currently compatible with the Following Devices:

iPhone iPad
iPhone 4s iPad, 3rd generation
iPhone 5 iPad, 4th generation
iPhone 5c iPad mini
iPhone 5s iPad mini 2
iPhone 6 iPad mini 3
iPhone 6 Plus iPad Air
iPad Air 2

We are working to expand the number of compatible devices, and intend to eventually include Android devices. If your device is not currently supported, check back soon or join our newsletter list, to receive announcements about future app launches!