Coffee 66

There were no tattooed baristas on Route 66 back in the day. There were waitresses with names like Flo who poured the most honest coffee in the world - gloriously presupposing Joe - in diners that were communities for those who weren't going to sleep in their own beds that night.  

In that spirit we bring you Route 66.

Set it a-spinning in Cyrano and the scent of coffee with the American soul will make you feel like there's  a truckdriver on the stool to your right arguing about FDR.  Use it any time you need the stimulating aromatic of coffee, Fedexed to your brain.  And with so many people dangerously dozing in cars, we seriously urge you to clear out your cupholder and insert Cyrano, next time you're taking a long trip, or coming home late from work.


FEATURING notes of fresh COFFEE beans, melted CHOCOLATE, roasted HAZELNUTS, PUMPKIN spice, black PEPPER, creamy VANILLA, and sweet CARAMEL.