Cyrano is a scent speaker.  It works with a free iOS app called oNotes. With your purchase of Cyrano you receive a first mood cartridge containing a scent palette.  Designed with scientific understanding of how scent perception influences the brain, and years of consumer data, this scent palette, when used with Cyrano, imparts specific mood states. You place the mood cartridge into Cyrano, turn it on, and put Cyrano in the cupholder of your car, or in some other personal space, like on a desk or a bed stand. You open the oNotes app on your iPhone or iPad and select a mood state, like Energize, Relax, or Get Free. The oNotes app automatically plays a mood medley on Cyrano. Mood medleys are sequences of scent that surround you.  Each scent emerges and alters your mood for a couple minutes before a new scent replaces it.  This evolution of scent prevents you from experiencing what scientists call "olfactory fatigue," which comes from smelling a certain scent for more than several minutes. Olfactory receptors stop to deliver sensory signals (they "saturate") with prolonged exposure to scent.  This means the emotive and memory effects of scent last for a short period of time.  With Cyrano the emotive power of scent endures for as long as your mood medley plays.  Mood medleys can be designed by you, shared via social networks and played by anyone with a Cyrano scent speaker.  They can also be played with music, video, and other forms of entertainment (check out Alex in Wonderland!). Cyrano brings digital scent into our lives like a sensual song.